Local Programs

There are active local programs in the following regions. Visit each program's individual website or contact the local coordinator for more information.

LPM Virginia

Rochelle Felsburg, Coordinator


LPM Texas-Louisiana

Marsha Seale, Coordinator


LPM Central New York

The Rev. Anne Wichelns, Coordinator


Previous program locations have included Texas, Diocese of South Carolina, NE & SE Iowa, Texas-Louisiana-Gulf Coast, Chicago, Southwest California Synod/Los Angeles Diocese, Oregon, Virginia-Richmond, Central NY/Upstate NY, Iowa, Lower Susquehanna Synod (PA), Mississippi, Nebraska, Central Florida, Northwestern Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Georgia, Vermont/New Hampshire, Southeast Michigan, Metro New York, NE Ohio, Colorado, New England Synod, Alabama, Maryland, Missouri, Florida-Bahamas, Indianapolis, South Central Wisconsin, West Texas/Southwest Texas, Grand Canyon, Western New York, Bethlehem PA, Rochester NY, Washington state, Minnesota, Washington DC, Eastern Michigan, Long Island, Quincy MA, Southern Ohio, Massachusetts, and Northern Indiana.